AMA Collection Centres

Noise impact forecast for the new AMA collection centres in Massimina, La Storta, Tedeschi, Severini and Corcolle in the Municipality of Rome (RM)


The projects for the AMA centres are based on the contents of Resolution no. 19 of 2021 of the City Council of Rome “New identification of areas for the construction of logistic structures of AMA SpA to support the urban waste management service, supplementing and partially repealing resolution no. 74 of 15 June 2016 of the Special Commissioner with the powers of the City Council”.

Given that the City Council aims to increase the number of logistics structures per inhabitant, in view of the major shortage of such structures and their uneven distribution across the municipal area, with only 14 Collection Centres (former Recycling Areas), amounting to 1 Collection Centre for approx. every 200,000 inhabitants, Executive Resolution no. 27 of 7 October 2019 formalised the establishment of a Technical Committee, composed of representatives of the Local Services Deputy General Management Office, the Environmental Protection Department, the Urban Planning and Implementation Department, the Mayor’s Office, Risorse per Roma SpA and AMA SpA, coordinated by the Deputy General Manager, for the purpose of identifying areas potentially suitable for the aforementioned objectives and of verifying property aspects for their subsequent granting to AMA SpA. Representatives of the Property and Housing Policy Department also took part in the Technical Committee.

The areas were identified by selecting areas belonging to the System of Services, infrastructures and plants set out in the Local Strategic Plan, with specific reference to the areas destined for “Urban-level public services” and “Public green areas and local-level public services” set out in articles 83, 84, 85 and 106, para. 5, of the Technical Implementation Rules of the Local Strategic Plan, and, within the framework of the areas falling within the scope of the implementation tools of the Local Strategic Plan (Zone Plans, Urban Renewal Plans of the “O” Zones, Integrated Programmes, etc.), those destined for Urban Planning Standards. The Massimina area falls within the scope of the latter, and specifically, those comprised in the Urban Renewal Plans of the “O” Zones.

Acoustic study

The aim of this study was to forecast the noise impact of the new AMA Collection Centres and to verify compliance with the limits set out in Framework Law no. 447 of 26/10/95, and in the implementing decree of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 14/11/97 and the Ministerial Decree of 16/3/98.

The activity of the plant was implemented using SoundPLAN noise simulation software. For reference, the study took account of the noise sources pertaining to the activity of the plant liable to cause disturbance, with particular attention paid to analysing the goods loading and unloading activities and the transit and parking of vehicles.

The acoustic analysis of the project situation showed that the regulatory limits could potentially be exceeded, and the installation of sound-insulating and sound-absorbing noise barriers was required.


Engineer Anna Tarsitano