S.A. Luciani Municipal Cinema-Theatre (450 seats)

Executive project for architectural acoustics and cinema audio and video system.


The renovation project

The recovery of the Municipal Cinema-Theatre of Acquaviva delle Fonti (BA) has given the local community back a part of its architectural heritage that is of extraordinary cultural value. The nineteenth-century “Sebastiano Arturo Luciani” Theatre, with a façade in Neoclassical style, is located on the edge of the ancient walled town, in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele.

Acoustic design

The executive project for the “new Theatre” involved the creation of a multifunctional space that can be used for classical or contemporary theatre, or as a cinema. The project consisted of selecting, evaluating and optimising the architectural coverings with a view to guaranteeing a quality listening experience and acoustic comfort. To this end, wood panelling was designed to form a shell divided into two areas: the stalls, with panels installed at a fixed height, and the stage, with panels that can be placed at variable heights using motorised pulleys, so that the theatre can be “tuned” differently depending on how it is being used. The stage itself is also modular, with footboards that can be moved to obtain different configurations (for classical theatre, Italian-style theatre or cinema).

This executive project included the following:

  • Design, definition and evaluation of the type of architectural covering elements, based on their acoustic properties (sound absorption).
  • Design, definition and evaluation of geometries and inclination of the suspended panels (sound reflection).
  • Design of the cinema audio and video system.
  • Engineer Benedetta Grimaldi
  • Lorenzo Dari