Nicoletta Olivati



I am an architect and violinist, with a musical training background rooted in my childhood. Over the years, my musical studies have blended with my passion for architecture, fuelling a profound interest in the connection between people, acoustics and architecture.

My passion for acoustics comes from my musical training, completed with a Violin Diploma that prompted me to look further into this area, including the more technical aspects involved.

I conducted my first studies during my final years in the science high school, during which I carried out an in-depth examination of psychoacoustics and auditory illusions.

I began my architecture studies at the University of Florence, in the hope of combining my passion for music with my interest in technologies connected to architecture and space design. I was able to achieve this starting from the three years of my first-level degree, at the end of which I produced a thesis on passive acoustic requirements in listed buildings.

I completed my second-tier degree with the maximum mark, with a thesis on the design of a pavilion for unamplified music outdoors. This work was presented during the 49th Convention of the Italian Acoustics Association (AIA) in Ferrara in June 2023.

I have worked with an architecture firm specialised in BIM integrated design, focusing mainly on hospital acoustics and taking part in international projects in Denmark, Estonia and Switzerland.

I am enrolled on section A Planning, Landscaping and Conservation of the Register of Architects.