Caffè Propaganda

Executive project and works management for acoustic insulation and correction


The café:

Caffè Propaganda is located in the heart of Rome, close to the Colosseum. The concept is inspired by the early 20th century cafés in Italy, and the style is that of an elegant yet relaxed bistro, serving light meals prepared with seasonal produce and cultivating the philosophy of quality food – with vegetables grown in the business’s organic vegetable garden – and wines, by carefully selecting small winemakers from Italy and abroad. Caffè Propaganda is also a cocktail bar, thus offering patrons a complete food and drink experience.

Acoustic design

The work consisted of the executive design of the noise mitigation works to be carried out in the bistro. The aim of the project was to reduce the noise immissions produced in the bistro and their impact on the private home immediately above the bar/restaurant areas, after legal proceedings at the Civil Court of Rome established that the public (differential criterion) and private (normal tolerability) law limits were being exceeded.

The work was based on the report filed by the expert witness appointed and the feasibility study report drafted during the preliminary phase, so the objective of the work was a 12.5 dB reduction in the noise immissions produced by the business in the private home above it, as requested in the report drafted by the expert witness.

The main part of the work consisted of the on-site installation of a dropped ceiling designed to boost the sound-absorbing capacity of the ceilings in the bar and serving areas. It is important to point out that the ceilings of the bistro are formed by six irregularly shaped ribbed vaults, and that the owners specifically requested that the insulating structure should maintain the original appearance, tracing the outline of the existing vaults.

The second part of the work, to complete the first part, involved the installation on-site of sound-absorbing material for the acoustic correction of the bistro. Also in this case, with a view to preserving the original appearance, the materials identified had to be flexible enough to follow the outline of the vaults.

Lastly, silencers were installed on the motors of the air conditioning system of the bistro.


Project group: Architect Giulia Papa; Architect Giulia Bianchi