Multi-purpose Congress Hall in Fiuggi (capacity 1500 seats)

Surveying ante operam, acoustic correction project, surveying post operam


Acoustic design

The aim of the project was to improve the acoustic response of the hall, during the final stage of the construction work. This involved conducting a measuring campaign ante operam to obtain a characterisation of the current situation.

The study developed on the congress hall comprised the design of the supplementary sound-absorbing work, as well as acoustic modelling to determine its impact on the quality of the acoustic response.

The main reference parameter that guided the project was Sabine’s reverberation time, since the environment studied is a multi-purpose hall.

The materials considered to optimise these acoustic parameters were chosen for their characteristics in relation to the respective coefficients of sound absorption, robustness, compactness, indeformability with changes to humidity, and duration, as well as their aesthetic appeal for the Construction Manager.

Following the functional choices made regarding the sound-absorbing elements, the project was organised into the following phases:

  • Verification using the Ramsete© acoustic simulation software: after reconstructing a 3D model of the hall, the supplementary architectural materials in the project were entered, with the respective absorption coefficient α.
  • 3D acoustic software simulations of the solution proposed and tabulation of the objective acoustic parameters in accordance with ISO-3382.
  • Presentation of the improvements in both reverberation time and C50 and STI (intelligibility).
  • Consulting at the installation stage
  • Testing post operam