Anna Tarsitano


Construction Engineer-Architect

I am a Construction Engineer-Architect. I began my professional career in 2015, initially taking care of environmental acoustics for large airport infrastructures (for example, on the Redevelopment Plan for Ciampino Airport).

Since 2015, I have had a keen interest in Environmental Technical Physics, and in 2018, I obtained a Research Doctorate in Energy and Environment from “La Sapienza” University in Rome with a thesis entitled Managing airport traffic with a view to reducing noise pollution.

During my research doctorate years, I took part in numerous congresses and worked in various research groups, which allowed me to expand my knowledge and develop a strong interest in a number of aspects of technical physics, in particular acoustics.

I now work in the building and environment sector as an acoustic consultant for the design of both infrastructures and public and private buildings, such as hotels, schools, homes and theatres.

I currently work with the Astronautical, Electrical and Energy Engineering Department of “La Sapienza” University in Rome, providing project design support in the area of environmental acoustics.

I am a qualified Environmental Acoustics Technician, and enrolled under no. 7708 on the ENTECA national register.

I am a Safety Coordinator for the planning and execution of works.

I am a Fire Prevention Professional listed on the registers of the Ministry of the Interior.

I am a Technical Consultant for the Court of Cosenza.