Vincenzo Battistini


Environmental and Land Engineer

I am an Environmental and Land Engineer. Since 2003, I have worked in the area of environmental studies, dealing with all the environmental aspects of feasibility studies, environmental impact studies and environmental monitoring plans, with a particular focus on acoustics.

My current area of specialisation is predictive simulation, both for noise, with Soundplan, and for air quality, with Caline, WinDimula and other dedicated software.

My main activities involve the environmental design of large infrastructures, environmental analysis for industry and construction sites, and in general, the preparation of documents for obtaining environmental authorisations. I also directly plan and conduct noise monitoring and measurement.

I am a qualified Environmental Acoustics Technician, and enrolled under no. 7161 on the ENTECA national register.

I am a Safety Coordinator for the planning and execution of works.

I am a Technical Consultant for the Court of Velletri.